Living with Chronic Ailments: You Don't Have to Anymore

Personalized Treatment for Joint Pain, Nerve Discomfort & Wound Care Management

Minor Ailments Today Can Lead to Serious Health Risks Later

Our Treatments Offer the Best Chance to Help Heal many Lingering Conditions like Joint & Nerve Pain Naturally, while Avoiding Complications

We use state of the art medical technology is helping to lead the industry in pain, neuropathy & wound care management

Lingering joint pain, tingling in your extremities or Wounds that don't heal - especially wounds on your extremities - should never be ignored. This can lead to an increased risk for more serious underlying medical conditions. We can help.

We stay with our patients for the long haul, with each treatment beginning with a careful examination of the individual and their very specific treatment plan. Once we assess the healing progress, we employ cutting-edge treatments that combine the strength of multiple healing factors, including anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredients, to give our patients stronger progress with each subsequent treatment.

The best part is our treatments can be covered by Medicare and most Major Insurances.

Our patients appreciate this above-and-beyond service and regularly stay with us for the life of their treatment plan!

Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled care. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our patients with the highest degree of care and compassion

Care You Can Trust

Medicare coverage without a referral

Although a primary care doctor can help you navigate many of your healthcare needs, you may have medical conditions that require the care of a specialist. Understanding when a specialist should be consulted and whether or not your Medicare benefits provider requires a referral beforehand can help you streamline your access to care.
If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have the right to an organization determination, either orally or written, to see if a service, drug, or supply is covered. Contact your plan to get one and follow the instructions to file a timely appeal. You also may get plan directed care. This is when a plan provider refers you for a service or to a provider outside the network without getting an organization determination in advance.
You don’t have to pay more than the plan’s usual cost-sharing for a service or supply if a network provider didn’t get an organization determination and either of these is true: The provider gave you or referred you for services or supplies that you reasonably thought would be covered. The provider referred you to an out-of-network provider for plan-covered services. Contact your plan for more information

We Provide Compassion, Support, And Healing

We understand that every patient and every wound is unique. We always take the time to get to know each of our patients to understand the specific health conditions that lead to their non-healing wounds. Our goal is to not only heal your wounds but keep you wound-free. We look at the causes and conditions that brought about your slow healing wounds to help treat your wound at the source and keep you from experiencing chronic recurring wounds.

Now Offering
Mobile Wound Care

Get Effective And Safe Treatment All Within The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

We are committed to helping you access the care you need. That's why we come to you. With our mobile wound care units, we can treat you within the comfort of your own home. One of our highly trained wound care specialists will come to your house and bring with them everything they need to assess, treat, and heal your wound.

We are one of the industry leaders in a new form of wound care that uses state of the art treatment that help accelerate the healing process for slow-healing wounds. We can treat conditions like Diabetic Wounds, Non Healing Wounds, Venous Ulcers and more. We help reduce pain and irritation of the wound as well as promote healing and create an anti-bacterial barrier that keeps your wound protected from infection. When patients fail to respond to traditional wound healing techniques, we can be one of the best and last forms of treatment that can stop a wound from progressing to an amputation.

Start Your Journey

We walk with you through each stage of your wound healing process to support you in every step you take along your journey to a wound-free life.

Get Back To Your Best Life

We accept multiple forms of insurance, including Medicare. Check out the section below or give us a call at our office to discuss pricing solutions.

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Amniotic Bandages

We use a variety of amniotic bandages to treat our patients and personalize our treatments to each individual.

Our Amniotic Bandages

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