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Aging is a natural process that every person experiences day after day. It is normal for your body and mind to change as you age. You may find that your hair is turning gray or white in color, or your skin is sagging or finding new pains in places that make it difficult to do the things you want when you want to.

While those are regular bodily changes, you may choose to improve the look of your skin, hair, and body. But you should also focus on keeping yourself healthy during aging. We offer trusted brands like Botox & Dysport, as well as premium fillers like Restylane & Juvéderm.

This is wonderful aesthetic treatment used to rejuvenate and support the framework of the face. They help restore volume and bring aging features back to the point where they can softly reflect light, a subtle change similar to using a highlighter. They can also improve sagging skin by helping it retain volume and hydration. Fillers are commonly used in hollow temples, under-eye shadows, cheek lifts, lip enhancements, lower face shadows, jawline definition, and chin rejuvenation.

We also offer Redlight Body Contouring to lose some stubborn fat areas just in time for Spring!

Botox / Dysport

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles and Fine Lines 

Turn back the hands of time with the best Botox and Dysport injections at RHCenters of FL.

Our most popular anti-aging treatments, Botox and Dysport are versatile injectables that not also erase and prevent wrinkles in the skin, but can also be used to subtly lift brows, highlight lips, soften jawlines, correct facial asymmetries, for Women and Men of most ages.

Injectable neuromodulators that work by halting the movement of muscle, Botox and Dysport both correct and prevent wrinkles and lines from forming (or re-forming).

Results are subtle, natural-looking  improvements that show within a day or two, but good things come to those who wait. Botox and Dysport’s full #nofilter effect will kick in within 30 days. 

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy offers a wide variety of different health benefits, from reducing inflammation and the effects of oxidative stress to boosting the body’s natural healing ability. But has incredible effects on the body's fat cells to promote fat reduction

Red light therapy uses LED microchips that emit infrared and near-infrared light on top of the skin which sends specific wavelengths of light to the unwanted fat underneath. Empirical tests have shown that this red light effectively breaks down fat cells, which harmlessly release their contents into the bloodstream.

See for yourself why red light therapy is becoming known as the easiest way to lose fat and shape your body:

  • Effective – Red Light Therapy has been tested and proven to break down fat cells!
  • Safe – There are no side effects, and you don’t have to take any pills/supplements
  • Painless – The procedure is non-invasive and pain-free
  • Easy – No need for hours at the gym
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